Monday, July 12, 2021

0patch Agent released


Today we released a new version of 0patch Agent that fixes some issues reported by users or detected internally by our team. We always recommend keeping 0patch Agent updated to the latest version, as we only support the last couple of versions; not updating for a long time could lead to new patches no longer being downloaded and agent not being able to sync to the server properly. 

Enterprise users can update their agents centrally via 0patch Central; if their policies mandate automatic updating for individual groups, agents in such groups will get updated automatically.

Non-enterprise users will have to update 0patch Agents manually by logging in to computers with 0patch Agent and pressing "GET LATEST VERSION" in 0patch Console. We're still offering a free upgrade to Enterprise so any PRO user can request Enterprise features by contacting

The latest 0patch Agent is always downloadable from

Release Notes

  • "Hash caching" was introduced to significantly reduce the amount of CPU and disk I/O operations when calculating cryptographic hashes of executable modules as these are loaded in running processes. Before, hash calculation was causing performance problems for some users on Citrix and Terminal Servers.
  • Huge log files are a thing of the past. We have implemented a mechanism to keep log sizes limited, with these limits configurable via registry.
  • 0patch Agent used to have the default Windows API behavior when it comes to using SSL/TLS versions, which was causing problems for users requiring TLS 1.1 or 1.2 on older Windows systems and required manual configuration. The new agent supports TLS 1.1 and 1.2 even on older systems such as Windows 7 or  Server 2008 R2 by default.
  • 0patch Console no longer crashes if launched while another instance of 0patch Console is already running. Now, launching a second 0patch Console puts the already running console in the foreground.
  • 0patch Console's registration form had "SIGN UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT" and "FORGOT PASSWORD" links swapped. This has been corrected.
  • With 0patch FREE, some notifications occasionally failed to get closed and were left hovering indefinitely, making it impossible for users to reach the screen area behind them. This has been corrected.


An enormous THANK YOU to all users who have been reporting technical issues to our support team, some of you investing a lot of time in investigating problems and searching for solutions or workarounds. You helped us make our product better for everyone!

WARNING: We have users reporting that various anti-virus products seem to detect the new agent as malicious and block its installation or execution. Specifically, Kaspersky detects the MSI installer package as malicious (preventing installation and update), while Avast and AVG detect 0patchServicex64.exe as malicious (preventing proper functioning of the agent). We recommend marking these as false positives, restoring quarantined files and making an exception for these files if affected.





  1. AVG Free is giving me a warning that 0PatchServicex64.exe is infected with IDP.Generic virus. I "exceptioned" it, but JIC I shouldn't have can you let me know?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for reporting.
      This is a false positive but it would be nice to know what the AV thinks is the problem (beyond a "generic" description). If the AV doesn't come to its senses please allow an exception for our service.