Friday, October 29, 2021

A New 0patch Experience

Last week we updated 0patch Server and 0patch Central, which brought several new features and capabilities. Let's take a quick look at them:

  • Subscription management: Users can now manage their subscriptions in 0patch Central, including turning auto-renewal on or off, changing the number of licenses in a subscription, switching between annual and monthly payments, and canceling a subscription. Managed service providers can use the "Renew of one term" feature for renewing a license once their customer has committed to another term.

  • Monthly licenses: Before, 0patch was only available as an annual subscription service. From now on, we also support monthly subscriptions, allowing customers to up-scale and down-scale their license count on a monthly basis according to their needs. (A minimum of 20 licenses is required for a monthly subscription.)

  • Changing billing and payment information: Users can change their billing and payment information in 0patch Central now.

  • Registering agents directly to a group: Enterprise users will like this one; before, all deployed agents appeared in the root All Computers group and had to be manually moved to appropriate groups. Now, each group has its own key which can be used for auto-registration via MSI command-line arguments, allowing admins to bulk-deploy 0patch agent to all computers in some existing group in their central management system, and registered these agents directly to an appropriate group in 0patch Central.

  • Computer comments: Each computer now has a comment field that can be used to provide additional details.

  • License comments: Each license now has a comment field that can be used to provide additional details, a feature most requested from managed service providers and resellers.

  • No more duplicate agents: Before, a re-registration of 0patch Agent on the same computer resulted in a duplicate computer in the Computers list. This is now resolved.


We hope you'll like the new 0patch Central and 0patch user experience. If you run into any issues, please report them to

Your 0patch Team



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