Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Changes in 0patch Pricing For New Subscriptions Coming in August

Over the years, 0patch has evolved from a simple proof-of-concept into a production-grade security service protecting computers around the World. We've been adding features and improving reliability, we have developed tools and processes to speed up vulnerability analysis and patch development, and we still have many ideas and plans to implement.

What was initially met with various skeptical remarks has now become a standard for protecting Windows computers in our customers' organizations who use 0patch both for keeping their legacy systems secure from old and new exploits, and for blocking 0day attacks while others are still waiting for original vendor fixes. We're happy to see our customers expanding their 0patch deployments and spreading the word to their peers.

To reflect the increased value and support further innovation and growth of our team, we're announcing our first price increase since our launch in 2019. This change, having been advertised on our pricing page for months, will go into effect on August 1, 2022, and will only apply to new subscriptions that get created on or after August 1, 2022; any existing subscriptions (including trials) will remain on the old pricing as long as they're renewed in time.

0patch PRO: Price of a PRO license will be increased for 2 EUR/year to 24,95 EUR/year (increase of 0,20 EUR/month).

0patch Enterprise: Price of an Enterprise license will be increased for 12 EUR/year to 34,95 EUR/year (increase of 1,20 EUR/month). We have until now offered Enterprise features for no extra charge but it's time to detach Enterprise pricing from PRO pricing to reflect the added value of Enterprise features.

Our mission has always been to help our users neutralize critical vulnerabilities in a low-effort, low-risk and affordable way before attackers start exploiting them. We remain committed to this mission and attentive to users' feedback when prioritizing new features that will make their work easier and their environments more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is our current subscription going to be affected by this change?
No, existing subscriptions will remain on the old rates as long as they're renewed. Only newly created subscriptions will fall under the new price list.

Can we still change the number of licenses in our subscription while staying on the old rates?
Yes, you can do that - just make sure to keep the "Legacy" plan selected when modifying the subscription instead of selecting "PRO" or "Enterprise" plan, which use the new rates. 

As your existing partner - reseller or MSP - do we keep the old rates for existing customers' subscriptions?
Absolutely, as long as their subscriptions get renewed in time.

Can we just create a single-license subscription before August 1, and then increase license quantity later as needed to stay on the old prices?
Yes you can, you clever rascal, but hurry up!

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